I truly love this time of year. The house decorated, driving around and seeing all of the Christmas lights, all of the seasonal food and family traditions. Oomph, it’s just magical.

This year I have all sorts of gift guides to share with you all! Starting of course, with my fave: the ultimate foodie stocking stuffers.

These are my stocking-sized kitchen and food faves that either 1) make meals easier to put together or 2) way more flavorful.

If you are a food lover or just want some fun ideas for your friends and family, look no further.

Salad shaker: makes homemade salad dressing so quick and easy!

Bench scraper: absolute game changer for keeping your cutting board clear and clean.

Julienne peeler: quickly peel veggies into thin strips!

Microplane: perfect for zesting citrus or finely grating parmesan, garlic or ginger.

Squeeze bottle: everyone needs a squeeze bottle! Perfect for whisking together a quick sauce or sriracha mayo that you want to drizzle.

Matcha: as a tea lover, matcha is a staple in my kitchen. I love it hot or iced, all year round!

Chai: so cozy and perfect for fall and winter. Just add hot water and you have a delicious chai tea.

Chili crunch: if you follow me on instagram you know how I am obsessed with this stuff. Perfectly crunchy and spicy, an absolute must for perfect avocado toast.

Tingly seasoned salt: a delicious all purpose seasoning salt- use on anything!

Flaky sea salt: this is the ULTIMATE finish for chocolate chip cookies, pasta, pizza, toast and so much more.

Chile lime crema: if you need a quick shortcut, this sauce is soooo good on tacos, burritos, nachos, rice bowls and taco salad.

Vanilla bean paste: the same vibe of an actual vanilla bean but less expensive and it goes further. Get ready for the YUMMIEST baked goods.

Balsamic Glaze: drizzle.on.everything. Seriously, pasta, pizza, roasted veggies or spinach salad. This is a fave of mine.

Green goddess seasoning: the ultimate all-purpose seasoning in my opinion. Fish, chicken, veggies, potatoes, rice, toast, it can go on anything savory!

White truffle oil: if you want to feel bougie AF, drizzle a touch of white truffle oil on your food. It’s so good.

Fig butter: the quintessential picnic food. Absolutely delicious with brie or goat cheese on baguette or crackers.

Jem Nut butters: I am not exaggerating when I say this is the best almond butter I’ve ever eaten. They have super unique flavors and I love this mini variety pack which is the absolute perfect size for stocking stuffers.

Mike’s Hot Honey: spicy sweet perfect. I love this on salmon.

YAY! Happy Holidays friends!

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