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It’s Here! It’s A Flavorful Life Digital Cookbook

A collection of balanced recipes, kitchen tips, grocery lists and guides designed to make your life in the kitchen less stressful and more flavorful. Created and written by Erica Baty – a Registered Dietitian, flavor fanatic and the voice behind It’s A Flavorful Life.

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And besides just THINKING up what you will eat all week you have to go to the grocery store, get all the groceries, wash them, store them, chop them, and actually prepare the meals you had planned. And then, you definitely want to eat everything you purchased so as to not waste food, time and money, right?

Wait, where did I sign up for this extra FULL-TIME JOB!? 🤯 

But don’t worry, I GOTCHU.

I actually happen to love meal planning. Very few things bring me more satisfaction than creating a meal plan, buying exactly what I need, cooking up some seriously delicious meals and allowing nothing to go to waste. 

So I created something that I know will genuinely help you do the same. The It’s a Flavorful Life digital cookbook and meal plan.

yasssss I need this

I knew I wanted to create a collection of recipes but I didn’t want it to be ‘just another cookbook.’

We can all look at a cookbook and be intrigued or interested in recipes.

The TRICK is combining those recipes into intentional weekly meal plans, grocery lists and prep steps.

So that’s what I have done for you!


✔️FIVE weekly meal plans with five dinners per week

✔️a comprehensive grocery list by category for all five recipes. This makes it simple to breeze through each section of the grocery store to grab exactly what you need.

✔️a comprehensive grocery list by recipe. Don’t want to make all five recipes? No problem! There is a second grocery list that lists ingredients by recipe making it easy to pick which recipes you want to cook and shop for only those ingredients!

✔️a weekly prep steps guide. Each weekly meal plan comes with a prep guide that outlines 1-2 tasks per recipe that can be prepped ahead of time. For example, making a dressing, chopping a few vegetables or marinating a protein. Each prep steps list takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. You will be ASTONISHED by how much time is eliminated from weeknight cooking when you do a few steps ahead of time!

⭐️ 49 total recipes!

This guide is truly designed with YOU in mind. It is meant to provide ideas and recipes for balanced, nourishing, delicious food in a way that fits within your busy lifestyle.

Yes! I need this!

What people are saying about the It’s A Flavorful Life e-cookbook

“Hands down my favorite cookbook ever! The amount of detail you put into this is unbelievable, not to mention how approachable you made it. All of the info you put in it really helps my ADHD goblin brain. Thank you!!!”


“Love that you provide prep steps and how to use the same ingredient (cabbage, chicken, etc.) in multiple dishes throughout the week…so intentional. And it is SO much more than just a cookbook… it’s a ‘how to set yourself up for success in the kitchen’ book! Such amazing extra tips that provide the foundation to flavorful meals.”


“I’ve been in the cook book for 10 minutes and I’m already obsessed”


“I am in LOVE with this book! The organization is on point and so helpful. Thank you!”


Three cheers to making our lives a whole lot easier for the next five weeks! 🥂 (meal planning DONE ✓)

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Are the ingredients for the recipes easy to find in any grocery store?

Yep! All of the recipes include simple ingredients you could find at most local supermarkets.

Will there be suggested substitutions for allergies?

Yes. Most of the recipes provide ideas for how to modify to be dairy-free, gluten-free or tree nut-free. Most recipes also provide ideas on how to modify the protein source- making this resource amazing for both meat and non-meat eaters!

How many servings do the recipes make?

The majority of the recipes yield 4 servings. A few of the breakfast, lunch and drink recipes are single serving.

What is the refund policy?

There will be no refunds issued after purchase due to the instant access and downloadable nature of copyrighted materials in this product.

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